Meet the team

Keevontye Collier

Keevontye, also known as Tye C, is the CEO and co-founder of Smooth Collective. A Portland native who's vision was and is to unify his family and community through creative arts and entertainment. He played college football and studied business marketing at Western Oregon and Portland State Universities. He also specializes in creative design, product de and manufactures SC and other companies' merch. Tye has strived to create and promote a culture of togetherness within his community and eventually around the world. His goal is to build a big platform for artist' to create together, support each other, and move as a collective. Tye plans to continue to connect with other artist and build the Smooth Collective team. 

Keevin Collier Jr.

Keevin Collier Jr. became the co-founder of Smooth Collective at the age 19, in 2016. He was born and raised in Portland, OR. After graduating from Jefferson High School, he attended Portland State University to study Graphic Design. Keevin shares the passion of creative design and believes that everyone has a gift or art form to contribute to the world. He has the skill of creating logos and designs in which he offers his expertise to other companies as well. Keevin is constantly working on developing new designs and expansion of the brand through all streams of media. 

Angel Phan

Angel is the newest member of Smooth Collective. Born and raised in Portland. OR. She got her Bachelors of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Oregon Institute of Technology in 2018. Angel has a big heart, and she's passionate about helping out her community. She got involved with SC in 2020. Her role includes social media marketing, advertising strategies, and product photoshoots. Angel believes wholeheartedly that creative arts can bring others together. "As a collective, we are better together."